Why us?

We’re small enough to make you the centre of our business …

We’re a small company. We choose to be small so we can give our clients all of our attention and experience. We want to focus on delivering dynamic solutions to a handful of clients who want to move ahead. We are not held down with office politics and procedures nor do we take on too many properties to service optimally.

Our attention to detail …

Our marketing is first class… award winning even. Behind the scenes is our Operations Manager – Julie. She handles everything off centre stage and ensures the selling process is delivered seamlessly.

You’ll never need to call us …

We ensure we communicate with you all the way, exactly how you want it. We’ll keep you informed daily if required. And of course you will receive weekly written reports on all buyer interactions with your property.

We're big enough to reach all the buyers...

We’re big enough to reach all the buyers … Our large support crew are all on standby to deliver exceptional marketing material that will attract buyers. We use the most effective online marketing packages to showcase your property both nationally & internationally.

We have the time and focus to make sure every buyer lead on your property is followed up and where objections are raised, we work together to overcome them. We also invite all other real estate agencies who may have qualified buyers to engage with your property.

Negotiating the sale

Representing you in the market place and handling all negotiations directly is Neil. You won’t have your property handed on to another, less experienced agent. Neil has over 25 years experience in the real estate business and has personally been successful in marketing and negotiating in excess of well over 1,200 property transactions.

Experience & knowledge

This is where the real value lies…With over 25 years of successful results, Neil’s ability to work with people from all walks of life and to achieve great results for his clients.

He is a Life Member of the LJ Hooker Captain’s Club, holds a tertiary real estate qualification from Massey University and is an Associate Member or the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. After being a top sales agent, owning two successful real estate business’s and managing sales teams, Neil has chosen to go back to what he loves doing best, helping people to sell their property and to be able to move on to the next stage of their lives.

So after carefully considering all the alternatives, Neil decided to create a boutique , top class business that can deliver personal service and outstanding results for his clients.

Backed by an international brand

Ultimately, at LJ Hooker, we’re always working to deliver the most seamless, supportive, successful real estate experiences possible. We’ve been delivering on this mission for more than 90 years and will continue to do so – that’s our promise.

There for the big moments...

Whether you’re unlocking the front door of your new home for the first time, or packing up to say goodbye to the home you grew up in, real estate journeys are full of big moments.

We understand how meaningful these big moments are. That’s why our clients and customers know that we understand their journey, and that we’re able to provide them with experiences that are as supportive as they are successful, every step of the way.

Let us deliver the experience & results you deserve …