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The latest in Tauranga Real Estate news, along with insights from Neil Walker and his Team

Thirty days ago, the world as we know it now, was a different place. “Stable”, “strong economy”, “certainty”, “positive outlook” were all words we used to discuss the local housing market. Now, we just don’t know what the future holds. But let’s not panic. As a country we are well placed to cope. Looking back on activity as it occurred in February, here are the highlights.

  • Tauranga posted the third straight month of a rising median sale price. It now sits at $735,000. That’s 8.1% up on Feb 2019.
  • The number of residential sales for Tauranga increased by 32% over Feb 2019.
  • Properties took a shorter time to sell.

Here’s the Actual Sales shown in Suburbs for Tauranga City for February.

Here’s the Actual Sales above $1,000,000 for February.

Here’s the BOP Regional Report for February.

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