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Meth (Methamphetamine) contamination has been a big issue for buyers and sellers resulting in expensive clean up bills for many. Housing NZ has spent millions on decontaminating properties within its rental portfolio. Now the Gluckman Report has come out stating that there is no evidence of health risks from third-hand exposure to meth smoking residues on household surfaces. Up until now a level above 1.5 micrograms was considered hazardous and decontamination was recommended. However the new report now states that a property that tests below 15 micrograms is considered safe to live in, with no adverse health affects.

The REA has produced an excellent publication for buyers and sellers. It sheds light on just what the issues are.

While this report is a game changer for property owners, particularly landlords, it does not change the fact that methamphetamine usage is incredibly harmful for your health, not to mention that it’s also illegal.

Our society would be better off without this terrible drug.



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