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Sales for Tauranga

138 Sales – up on April (120)

$595,000 – Median Sale Price – up slightly

44 Average Days on Market – much the same

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Price Brackets – see the shifts

Compare the last three month sales results

Around the Country

Are values rising?

Tauranga –  there was a lift this month

Hamilton – a modest increase in values

Auckland – actually eased a little

Wellington – a slight lift in values

Christchurch – easing values

Queenstown – still growing

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Methamphetamine contamination has been a big issue for buyers and sellers resulting in expensive clean up bills for many. Now the Gluckman Report has come out saying we have been over reacting and the levels of contamination considered to be bad for us, may in fact not be so. While the current Standard is unchanged, I’m anticipating we’ll see a new Standard released soon. Here’s the Real Estate Authority’s advice to consumers.

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